Do you have questions, ideas or experiences to share? Do you want to hear from other inspirational women? Are you a thinking woman?

thinkingwomen provides an open and welcoming space for women to gather virtually and physically to discuss those important issues, to share experiences and ideas about life, and to take action

thinkingwomen is a network including women from politics, art, media, academia, science, business, local and national government, social enterprise, charities, anthropology, music and writing across the globe. We are women at home, workplaces and outdoors.  All at different stages in our lives with diverse backgrounds, experiences, thoughts and ideas.

We want every woman to have the confidence to ask questions and challenge answers. We believe that sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences helps to develop this confidence and a sense of togetherness. We are inspired by strong and brave women and know that we need to continue to join together to think and question.

There is much yet to be done.