Who are thinkingwomen?

Jessica Symons, Chair

Digital technologies, globalisation, enhanced communication and greater distraction have changed society but the democratic state has not changed with it. Issues such as genetic engineering, the role of men and women, economic supremacy, the developing world, work-life balance, the declining environment and media monopolisation need to be evaluated from first principles. Fifty percent of the world population do not have enough of a say in the decision making related to these issues and many more. I hope that thinkingwomen takes a small step towards resolving this.

I run Krata, a not for profit social incubator aimed at making ideas happen. Identified in the Guardian several years ago as a World Changing Woman, these days I call myself a social entrepreneur i.e. I start projects that have a social, environmental and economically sustainable focus. I am particularly interested in critical components and agents of change through storytelling and ethnographic approaches.  I am just completing a PhD from University of Manchester in Social Anthropology exploring the creative process in the making of a civic parade.

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Our beginnings

We remain very greatful to Helen McCarthy, Jenni Hibbert and Ewa Switali, who founded thinkingwomen along with Jessica in 2002.