thinkingwomen report:Women and the Riots
Speakers Bidisha (Writer, Critic and Broadcaster including for the Guardian and BBC), Amina Lone (Chair of Women’s Solidarity Forum and Manchester City Councillor) and Clare McGregor (Life Coach who works with offenders) shared their perspectives. The session raised awareness of these issues to the Conservative Party Conference (held next door).

Video report:

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thinkingwomen report: Women and the riots
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Amina Lone (speaker at the thinkingwomen session), comments further on women and the riots.

A great study into why the riots occurred came out of the project ‘Voice of the North: Reflections on the Northern Youth Experience’. Have a look at the full report or the video version.  It touches on some of the thinkingwomen discussion around loss of youth services and banker bailouts.

Carlene Firmin, founder of the Gag Project (empowering gang-affected women and girls), writes in The Guardian about the girls involved in the riots.

Asiya Islam gives her views on the gendering of the riots in Women’s Views on the News.